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ICON Inspiration: Valentino Dream Fairis

Valentino released the 2015 Couture series, Dream Fairies are the sole of this series. All the designs looks like the fairies walk into real life. For more information, please visit Valentino Outlet Online.

SPRING VALENTINO 2015 COUTURE: little cloud, the sun, the stars, the geometric patterns, the English phrase... Colors more than a bare color and smoke blue. It makes this fairy tale not so naive, but a little "light" of the little romantic. Although the warm tone is very sweet, but cold tone also looks good.

"In some ways, you are flying when you are in love," Chiuri said, apropos of a pair of tulle gowns, one embroidered with rainbows and the other with clouds of silver lamé. It was a beautiful sentiment, and we commend her for expressing herself so earnestly. Sincerity of Chiuri's kind is a true rarity in this business. Nonetheless, the clothes were best when they weren't wearing their heart on their sleeve.