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The charm of Valentino rivet shoes "light rock"

Women have been pursuing a pair of shoes that meet their needs of both fashionable and comfortable. Some classic series of famous brands have a history of over 50 decades, but they still enjoy continuous support from customers from all around the world. Some shoes even became the "IT SHOES" once they were released and were collected by supermodels and superstars. Valentino's rivet shoes have become one of the most wanted shoes of this brand since it was released in 2010.

Two belts rivets high-heeled shoes, three belts rivet high-heeled shoes and flat rivet shoes... In leading the wave of rivet wind, Valentino launched a variety of luxurious, light colored leather, reinterpretated the classic "Rockstud". The shoes have leather rivet satin, and also different styles with different colors, which meets the needs of people from all walks of life.